• June Birthdays

    Happy birthday to our members born in June!! текстыпроверить позиции в яндексе

  • Memorial Day Hours

    In honor of Memorial Day we will only offer classes at 8am, 9am, and 10am, and will close after 11am. Thank you for understanding.Play mobile gamesпродвижение сайта в поисковой системе

  • Summer Power Camp

    If your teen or collegiate athlete is looking for a way of keeping fit, strong, and fast over the summer look no further than Captain CrossFit’s new Summer Power Camp. This 6 week strength and conditioning camp will begin June 2nd and run 4 times a week. Space is limited so click here to reserve

  • Weightlifting Fundamentals Clinic

    Captain CrossFit will be hosting a Weightlifiting Fundamentals Clinic to be put on by Iron Athlete. This clinic will teach the fundamentals of Weightlifting. We will go through the progressions of both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. This clinic is great for old and new members alike. Hurry to reserve your spot as space