• Fact Finding with Fran, Edition 2.0



    Today, Captain CrossFit’s Christmas Elf, Fran, interviews Michelle Blevins to discover how she manages the holidays.

    F: How do you deal with the season of overindulgence?
    MB: I tend to follow the 80/20 rule of consumption throughout the year meaning I hit my macronutrient goals at least 80% of the time. Since I know I feel better if my nutrition is in check, I try to maintain it as closely as possible during the holidays. Knowing that I can deviate from my typical nutrition plan 20% of the time really helps me stay within my nutrition goals the other 80% of the time. I tend to reserve the 20% for social gatherings or when I choose to consume the traditional elf diet of candy, candy corn, candy canes and syrup.

    F: How do you stay motivated during busy times?
    MB: Promises and commitments. If I say something out loud or promise someone that I will do something, I am making a commitment to make sure that it happens. The best way I have found to show up to the gym when I’m exceptionally busy is by making a promise to meet my workout partners. Accountability is a powerful motivator.

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